How Can Culture Improve Performance?

Do you want to set your company on the growth path? Make sure that you understand the relationship between corporate culture and growth. If you are in leading position, then you will have to understand how company culture views areas like the decision, customers, markets, quality play a significant role in the go-to-market execution.

But what corporate culture is? It how things are done in an organization, and it is also the way employees think, behave and work. It also includes the values and beliefs which drive business behaviors and practices.

There are examples which prove that a bad corporate culture may cause companies to fail. How long a sales culture that ignores its customers will survive. In fact, such shoddy practices may dent your brand so severely that your customers may even start fleeing you. It is where you will have to foster a high-performance culture that helps your company grow with the right direction and pace. Want to know more? Click here!


Which Should Be Your Areas of Focus As New Manager?

Have you recently been promoted as manager? Then your existing skill-set may not be sufficient enough to fulfill your responsibilities as a leader. If you want to succeed as a new manager, then you will have to learn many new things before you can be a good manager. Most new managers make these mistakes:

  • They work hard, but they have not yet learned to delegate the tasks effectively.
  • They spend more time in impressing those above them than helping their team succeed.

But as a new manager, you should be focusing more on…

  • Knowing your team personally.
  • Sharing your ideas, values, and thoughts on what your team likes to do and how they intend to work.
  • Communicating freely with you and amongst themselves.
  • Learning continually will enable you to focus on gaining better skills.

Want to know more how new manager training may help? Click here!

How Far Are Training Events Successful?

Does training really bring the difference? Let us see with an example to highlight training events vs. learning solutions.

Most sexual harassment trainings are conducted as Supreme Court has determined for a company to avoid liability and it has to show that it had trained employees on its anti-harassment policies. It is one of the important steps toward change management consulting. Though most sexual harassment training can definitely help protect companies from lawsuits, the majority fails to solve the fundamental issues of sexual harassment from occurring in the first place.

However, if we talk about learning solutions, it aims to change the behaviors of the workforce and improve performance. Success and improved productivity are majorly measured by the adoption of new skills and practices. Learning solutions are often implemented as a part of larger change initiative for a team or group to combat special problems. To know more about this, go through Training Events Versus Learning Solutions.