How Far Are Training Events Successful?

Does training really bring the difference? Let us see with an example to highlight training events vs. learning solutions.

Most sexual harassment trainings are conducted as Supreme Court has determined for a company to avoid liability and it has to show that it had trained employees on its anti-harassment policies. It is one of the important steps toward change management consulting. Though most sexual harassment training can definitely help protect companies from lawsuits, the majority fails to solve the fundamental issues of sexual harassment from occurring in the first place.

However, if we talk about learning solutions, it aims to change the behaviors of the workforce and improve performance. Success and improved productivity are majorly measured by the adoption of new skills and practices. Learning solutions are often implemented as a part of larger change initiative for a team or group to combat special problems. To know more about this, go through Training Events Versus Learning Solutions.


What Are the Basic Sales Negotiation Styles?

Much has been written about different kinds of sales negotiation styles. They are basically high level negotiating methods related to sales and the way people like to negotiate. If you are a sales employee, you may employ different types of negotiation styles in the direction to help the client solve problem and get the right resource. Even a short conversation can be a negotiation if you become successful to connect more powerfully with a client. Understanding your sales negotiation styles makes you get everyone on the same page and minimize understanding. Let us tell you about a few basic sales negotiation styles to up your game. The first one is consensus driven where people stay obliging, pleasant and agreeable. They like to follow protocol. So, they need to be treated with respect and explore together the effect of negotiation. To get to know more about sales negotiation styles, go through How Use Sales Negotiation Styles to Influence.

Wondering How To Sell More? Read This

With changing times, customers have become smart as well. The era of traditional sales is over as more and more of customers are looking for solutions that best meet their purpose. Such situation demands solution selling training that may help you in offering the right solution to the customers. But how will it make a difference? It will help new age salespeople to research the specific needs of the customers. Once you have it, you’ll be communicating the value proposition in a better way, and with some business acumen, you will help your customers with solutions they were always looking for. Want to know more? Click here.