Make a Style Statement With Gold-Plated Byzantine Chain!

Byzantine chain is one of the finely crafted chunky neck-lace. The beautiful links give it a superior finish that enhances gold’s natural beauty. It perfectly complements hip-hop clothes and makes a bold statement. Byzantine chain is a supple and flexible chain with intriguing textural design. Its rope-like pattern reminds of jewelry of Roman times.  The chain draws attention to the neck and epitomizes luxury. It makes a statement even without a pendant. This thick gold plated jewelry made using the latest plating technology does not cost thousands of pounds but requires a few tens of pounds.

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Make a Subtle Choice for a Man’s Chain!

The chains have always been a part of men’s jewelry. Multiple chains in different dimensions and metal are available. Some are hip-hop inspired chains, while some others are decorated with crystals. The chains go well with plain suits and with other minimalist jewelry. If you like intricate designs, you can go for byzantine chains, or if you want hip hop style, you can go for short length gold Cuban link chains with pendant. A classic gold chain adds bling to your formal suit. On occasions, you can go for chains with diamonds or sparkles. The metal, finish, link styles, length and embellishments are elements to be considered while buying a chain.

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Throw a Learning Challenge and Create an Engaging Environment!

Learning is critical for employees’ career growth and employee engagement in organizations. When employees come out of their comfort zone to learn something new, they do the best. To develop new skills among employees has become a necessity and a significant business challenge for CEOs to improve productivity. Besides enlightened and supportive leaders, there is a need to encourage and maintain a healthy corporate culture and curious workforce ready for new learning.

The learning improves brain chemistry, learning speed, relationships, connections, engagement and adaptation to change. A learning talent pool leads to a more engaged talent pool in the organization.  For this, the organizations need to provide a work environment that promotes asking questions, testing new skills, experimenting with new approaches and receiving feedback. It is also necessary to put employees in the discomfort of learning long enough to learn, practice and get feedback.

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