The Benefits of Google Manual Penalty Removal Services

Google Manual Penalty Removal Services can make the difference between success and failure for a lot of websites and online marketing efforts. Every website depends on its performance in relation to search for delivering on its intended purpose. A website is meant to drive traffic and sales and this can only be possible if web users can find you when they go searching. It is thus the desire of every business to occupy a favorable position, preferably on the first page, of the Search Engine Results Pages. It is also desirable to be found whenever search queries that are relevant to your niche are entered by web users. Google penalties can hamper your efforts in a great way. This is why it is important to ensure that you free yourself from any existing penalties and also immunize yourself from future penalization.


Why Penalization?

Not-so-long-ago, webmasters and SEOs used to get away with manipulating the search results in a way that watered down the efficiency of the process. Keyword stuffing, buying backlinks copying of content from other websites, and other such practices were game for getting to the top. This ran contrary to the desires of Google which are to provide web users with quality and relevant results are truly reflective of the status of the businesses behind the websites in the industry. Something had to be done to put the house in order and Google came up with penalization. This can be attained by way of deployed algorithms or manually.

Are You Penalized?

There is no cut and dried way of noticing that you have been penalized as the effects can take any of the various forms. What you can look for are developments such as a drop in your ranking, a complete absence from the search results, and/or a fall in traffic, among others.

When a manual penalization has been effected by a Google employee for a violation of the Google guidelines, you will receive notification of such a development but that is not always the case when it comes to an algorithm penalty.

A penalty removal service will audit your website and isolate all punishable elements before taking action to remedy them. After that a request for reconsideration is submitted to Google. This enables you to claim your spot in the market and continue to connect with your target audience.

The Basics of Google Penguin Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penguin Penalty Recovery Services are designed to provide help to webmasters whose websites have been punished by Google for exhibiting signs of outlawed trickery. Penguin is part of a collection of algorithms that have been deployed and constantly updated by Google in an effort to reign-in the websites that dominate the search placements by using black hat tactics. Google search results pages are meant to provide web surfers with highly reliable and accurate results which is the reason why any form of manipulation is illegal and punishable.

The Basics of Google Penguin Penalty Recovery Services 2

What Is Penguin’s Target?

Penguin algorithm was originally deployed in April 2012. It is an algorithm that seeks out websites with spammy backlink profiles. What it does is reduce the effect the spammy backlink profiles can have on rankings which was previously the preserve of the Panda update. The Penguin update also goes further to penalize the guilty websites through the de-ranking action which takes away all the illegal gains. Websites that have been penalized often plummet in terms of rankings or go missing from the SERPs altogether until remedial action has been taken and another algorithm run conducted.

The update is rolled out a number of times every year and in the process it penalizes guilty websites and restores those that have returned to sanity and gotten rid of all the signs of trickery. It is basically a software program that is designed to identify the distinct patterns of backlink spam and automatically sanction the websites. The algorithm runs at specific times and has had numerous updates since the initial rollout.

How to See If You Have Been Affected

There are numerous signs that can point to penalization. The first thing that you need to do in conducting the investigation is to see if you have experienced any significant keyword drops in your traffic. Next you need to inspect the diversity of your anchor text, check the site wide link ratio, the domain authority and trust flow as well as the link health breakdown summary.

There are also professional firms that are dedicated to the provision of penalty recovery services for a wide range of penalties including Panda and manual penalties. You can also get a reliable unnatural link removal service before disaster strikes. Search the internet for options and verify the service providers’ backgrounds.

The Basics of Google Penguin Penalty Recovery Services


Fundamentals of Every Quality Houston SEO Service

Every internet marketing drive is futile unless it is designed to attain an optimal organic search placement. It is important to ensure that there are no half-baked or half-hearted strategies that are derived from a vague appreciation of what needs to be done. This is why it is always important to ensure that you receive your SEO services from the best Houston SEO firms that have the history and reputation to back them up. Without taking the time to search for the right service, it is easy to land an untested service that will under perform or even land you in hot soup through the violation of Google guidelines on the conduct of SEO.

Houston SEO

SEO Fundamentals

Enduring and Long Term Nature

Every strategy or professional relationship that is not designed to be enduring is almost always futile too. This is because SEO is not an event, but a process which requires a sustained effort and focus on long term results as opposed to instantaneous ones. A drive to attain quick results will draw you towards unscrupulous SEO services that employ punishable ‘black hat’ tactics which give you glowing results in the short-term, but expose you to harsh punishments by Google with the progression of time.

Houston SEO Services


SEO also requires a comprehensive strategy that not only targets search placement, but aims to create a better user experience, increase traffic and conversions, engage the market, and also increase your brand visibility. There are a lot of tactics and tools involved in the trade and what you need is a competent service that has a reasonable amount of experience in your industry as well as other unrelated industries. You don’t need an SEO that specializes in your industry only as they often lack a comprehensive picture and strategy. Such SEO’s usually subject all projects to a one-size-fits-all strategy which is not in your best interests.

The Relationship

You also need a service that keeps you in the loop in every development and strives to capture your vision and educate you on the dynamics of SEO. Reporting is also important in this drive and you need to discuss the methodologies employed in project execution by the various SEO’s on your short list of prospects before arriving at a choice. Never forget to check the online reviews associated with the options and contacting some entities contained in the Houston SEO Services’ portfolios.