Build an Unbeatable High-Performance Culture with LSA Global!

The goal of any organization remains to promote a healthy culture that induces high performance. To achieve this goal, every company needs a unique performance methodology, which in turn gives clarity about leadership actions to enhance the performance of the team. Precisely this is offered by valuable research inputs of LSA Global. It has twenty years of experience in high-performance research focusing on human performance dynamics. It identifies the best leadership moves to get back on track. Its analysis based, practical and action-oriented approach provides clarity, structure and measurable results. It removes the guesswork.

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Achieve a Win-Win Outcome when Employees Ask for a Raise

When an employee asks for a raise, you as a manager should be prepared to handle a host of different scenarios- no matter you are able to grant the request or not. If handled properly and carefully, such kinds of discussions can make way towards a better communication, together with increased employee performance and morale. And this is the reason new manager training is of utmost importance.

Remember, the way you respond to a request for more money is crucial to maintaining a good will of your employees. You must ensure that the request is considered seriously no matter the news you need to deliver is disappointing and disheartening. A well-developed HR strategy including new manager training can considerably enhance your recruiting and retention. Bear in mind that transparency and compassion is very important and you would always want your team to feel weighted for their valuable contribution.

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Employee Involvement: Key to Change Management

Change happens- whether we want it or not. And now even managing change has also changed especially in business organizations. And it has been noticed that most employees in an organization find a change in the existing state of affairs quite uncomfortable or downright threatening. And this is where change management training can make a difference by keeping the employees at ease whenever a change is made in an organization. Change is something which is neither good nor bad. Most of the successful organizations are proactive about the changes they introduce and look for ways to turn impediments into potential opportunities.

For the most part, we as humans are preconditioned to get cozy in situations that we once considered as negative. The trick is simple; just shorten the time frame and anxiety as much as possible.

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