Why On-The-Job Training is Important?

Employees are often given training away from the workplace; it may be down the office space or on the other end of the country. Thus, this traditional approach puts a wall between “what employees learn in training and what they actually do.” This is where On-the-job training steps in and breaks the wall.

Training measurement provides an excellent opportunity to expand the knowledge base of the employees. This is because employees usually miss out on the time that they can spend working, while they were busy attending the training sessions, which might delay the project deadlines. Therefore, on the job training provides benefits to both the organization and the employees. These benefits make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

To know more about the reinforcement of on the job training, click here: https://lsaglobal.com/blog/how-to-provide-on-the-job-training-to-reinforce-learning/

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