Two-Way Radios give you Clear Communication with Less Interference

A two-way radio is a device that is similar to walkie-talkies. For businesses, this is an important device which adds to productivity and enhances safety. This device help solve most of your business requirements, first of all how you communicate with people in an emergency situation is the primary factor most people look for. Normally, at work people communicate through landline phones, cellphones, emails and texting, but what about circumstances like fire, medical emergency, and system failure in the organizations, yes telephone line fail miserably in these situations. You can choose two-way radios for your business that can help you out communicating with people in an instant manner. See the following points to know more about two-way radios:

Size of Two-Way Radio & Features

  • It’s not necessary how bigger the size of two-way radio, you’ve to look for an ideal combination of features such as audio output quality, efficiency, frequency range, and reliability. Two-way radios are especially needed in the hotels, restaurants, hospitals or professional offices to handle security & safety of premises.


  • A compact size two-way radio is comfortable to wear for professional who are into jobs where they need to travel constantly from one place to other. For example, professionals at the construction site might need to attract attention to the unit and need two-way radios for communicating with staff members.

CLS & CLP Series Motorola Radio Sets

  • If you’re looking for choices in two-way radios, you can go for Motorola two-way sets that offer their CLS Series and CLP Series radios that are light in weight and compact in size. The CLP series radios are normally equipped with a repeater that lets you increase the radio’s frequency range up to the desired level that normally go up to 20 floors indoors.


  • Motorola’s DLR Series radios are the optimum choice for businesses that need small and lightweight radios for operations management. These radios are also available in the range of up to 20 floors, but not require a license to operate that is a big cost saving for businesses.

Also, these devices are perfect for group communication of people that is possible with a cell phone. Apart from keeping communication strong, two-way radios are a one stop solution for all your communication needs that can’t be fulfilled with mobile phones. According to market research that shows implementing a two-way radio system in your business help you save more money that you’ll save in a year of time.

Bottom Line

Today, so many businesses are taking benefits from a two-way radio system including hospitals, restaurants, hotels, taxi drivers, police, fire safety, and college campuses. No matter what type of business you have, when your team needs to communicate, there is no other alternative to two-way radios that keep you in touch even in the emergency situations.


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