10 Things you should keep in Mind before Registering the Domain Name

Domain name should be decided with utmost care as it is a very important decision for every online venture. Advent of technology has led to many online business opportunities and hence a number startup business came into existence. Domain name should be chosen in such a way that it directly enhances the popularity of your venture. It has the responsibility of introducing your venture to online visitors and hence it is important that your domain name is very catchy and gives right information about your venture. It determines the first impression of your venture on your prospective customers and therefore domain name must be coined carefully. Adequate knowledge of your business and the products and services also help you choose the right domain name for your business. This article discusses the 10 things you should keep in mind before registering the domain name.


Brand focus

Domain name should focus on the product and services provided by your venture. It should clearly give an idea of the type of business you deal with and what all you offer your customers.

Grab attention

It should be very catchy and instantly attract target audience. It should motivate them to visit your website and buy products offered. Domain name should be short and easy to remember so that users find it easy to revisit. Simple domain names become popular easily while complex domain names are had to spell and therefore adversely affect the business prospects of your enterprise.

Should not mislead customers

This is the first information customers get about your enterprise therefore domain name should not give any misleading information and your enterprise should not be misunderstood. It is important to have your products and services as the key idea behind determining your domain name.

Knowledge about your business

Complete knowledge about your business helps you choose the right domain that will bring you more business. It helps you develop better keywords based on which you can select the domain name.Use of creative ideas in domain names makes your domain name stand apart and makes it more attractive for online visitors. Use of synonyms, prefixes and suffixes will be helpful in this case.

Use domain tools

Free domain tools available online give you a number options from which you can get a suitable domain name. These tools search effective domain names according to the keywords provided by you. the most popular domain names are:

  • Domain
  • Nameboy’
  • impossibility

Additional services

There are number of additional services provided by domain registrars using which you can enhance your sales. Registration should be done through a reliable registrar so that you get high quality services

Technical assistance

Round the clock technical assistance helps you resolve all domains related issues so that your website can operate smoothly. This ensures that your business does not lose because of any technical issue. You can build good reputation as an online provider through efficient services

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