Making Effective Use of Text Message Marketing Services

If you are running a business, it is imperative that you engage in one form of marketing or the other. The onus is on you to find the channels that fit well into your grand marketing strategy and of course budget. One of the readily available, effective, easy to use and yet very effective ways to market your business, regardless of its size or industry is utilizing a text message marketing service. The most important thing is to know how to craft your messages in a way that speaks to your target audience.

Targeting Your Message

It is important that you craft and deliver targeted messages. You must know your target audience and deliver your messages in a language they relate to about products and/or services they would take an interest in.

Text Message Marketing Service

Be Clear and Keep It Simple

Don’t try to complicate your message. Consumers are more likely to respond to messages that are kept simple and easy to follow. Remember that you can only use 160 characters so deliver the news and make your call to action.

No Txt Speak

Avoid using what has come to be known as ‘txt speak’. Rememba tht u r riting a biznes msg. If the language is not proper for everyday business communication or your website, don’t use it.

Timing Is Important

Just because people keep their phones with them 90% of the time does not give you an excuse to be bombarding them with messages in the middle of the night or at any other odd hours. Try to time your messages well and the best time would be mid to late afternoon. A consumer is less likely to respond positively if they feel they are being harassed.

Cover All the Bases

Make sure that your message has all the information that you wish to convey and also features instructions on what the recipient needs to do. Give them the number to call if you wish for them to do so.

Pick an Endearing and Easy To Remember Name

The good thing about text message marketing is that you are able to pick a name that will appear on the receivers’’ phones every time you send them a message. You must choose a name that they will remember which is also friendly.

Go For the Jugular

As with any other form of marketing, you only have seconds to retain the interest of your market. Make sure you grab attention right away by begin your message with magic words that every consumer wants to see such as offer, news, etc.


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