The Basics of Mobile Web Development

Nowadays, mobile web development has taken center stage for all businesses that wish to derive real value from their web presence. This is much opposed to the situation that prevailed following the introduction of mobile devices with internet connectivity. During these early years, site owners who wished consumers to access and utilize their web presence from desktop and mobile devices to go for 2 separate solutions. This meant the development of 2 websites and some would go further to use 2 separate domains in the process.

Mobile Web Development

What Has Changed?

When making use of a mobile theme these days, it is easy to design a single website and give instructions to WordPress to switch themes depending on the device that the surfer is using in accessing the web. Mobile device users are able to get a mobile site while those on desktops can access the good old desktop format.

Mobile Web Development Central Concepts

There are a number of concepts that are central to the development of mobile websites. It is important to grasp these concepts if you are working towards attaining web development skills. Site owners can also better secure and manage web development service providers if they are aware of these vital basics that determine the success of the whole project.

Your site needs to have a fluid layout which uses percentages instead of pixels for the widths. This results in a situation where the website changes its width with every corresponding change in the width of the device being used to access the web.

Mobile Website

Media queries are employed to effect extra changes to the CSS for all devices that fall within a particular width. These groups of targeted devices include smartphones, tablets and computers.

There are also a number of options that are open to you in respect of the option that you want to pursue in the development of the site. These options include:

  • Use of a mobile plugin
  • Employing an off-the-shelf responsive theme
  • A blend of themes
  • Making your own theme responsive
  • Building your own mobile theme and activating it on mobile devices by way of a switcher

There are a number of mobile web developers in the market that can take care of your Mobile Marketing Website or any other requirement. You can find some options by surfing the net and comparing them using some tracks that you can also gather online.


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