Restore Your Website’s Lost Glory with Google Penalty Recovery Service

If you have a website, it is important to always pay special attention to issues that affect your search placement. Being available online counts for nothing if your target audience cannot locate you due to being absent on the top search engine results.  Even if you have worked your way to the top, it is quite possible to lose it all in an instant due to the actions of Google algorithms. Google Penalty Recovery Service is there to rescue you from debilitating sanctions that are levied on your website for various violations of Google guidelines.

Google Penalty Recovery Service

Who Can Be Penalized?

There are various reasons that can result in the penalization of your website. Google discourages the manipulation of search engines to attain a high position. It is the aim of the company to ensure that whenever consumers enter queries for services or products they get relevant, high quality results that are free from unfair practices and manipulation. Penalization can occur as the result of the crawling actions of Panda or Penguin. It can also be the result of a manual penalty during which someone at google manually goes through your website and effects punitive measures for some violations that are observed.

On the other hand, Panda can penalize your website for being a ‘low quality site’. This scenario occurs when your website features duplicate content, images, and graphics among others. Penguin seeks to punish websites that employ poor links to deceive the search engines. If you have low quality links pointing to your website then you can be a victim of penalization by Penguin.

When your website is penalized by Google, it loses its search placement and you can fail to find it in the search results altogether. This means that you will be losing out on the leads and the business which will start going to your competition, the one who replaced on the search results for all the keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Google Penalty Recovery Service

The Road to Recovery

A penalty recovery service will conduct an audit of your website and take remedial action. After everything has been fixed then reconsideration can be requested so that you get your search placement back. Penalization arises from the employment of black hat tactics something which is a favorite for most SEO’s who thrive on the promise of quick results.


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