Google Penguin Recovery Services Help Your Website Regain It Lost Position in the Search Results

Every website owner is constantly battling to the top of search results in major search engines as this leads to more business. In this endeavor, all semblances of fair-play and decency is often lost as various entities spring out the most effective tools they can lay their hands on. This puts Google in a situation where it’s constantly battling to police the activity surrounding the search results. The company, just like all the other major search engines, feels obligated to ensure that consumers who surf the internet for products and services do not fall victim to manipulated results but rather get relevant, accurate and useful. This has led to the deployment of Algorithms such as Penguin which penalizes such underhand behavior. Penalized websites can extricate themselves from this colossal disaster through Google Penguin Recovery Services.

Google Penguin Recovery Services

How Does A Google Penalty Arise?

A google penalty is set in motion against a website mostly for employing manipulative tactics meant to deceive the search engines into giving you a favorable ranking. This includes the deployment of what are termed ‘black-hat tactics’ which rely on underhand methods to gain an edge on the competition through better rankings. Businesses across the world unwittingly sign-up for these voodoo tactics when they seek the services of makeshift SEO companies out to make a quick buck. These SEOs win your trust by promising you instantaneous gains. This is in sharp contrast to genuine SEOs who tell you about the need to invest some time in the project and slowly but surely work the way to the top. The prospect of quick successes is irresistible and most of the times you don’t even care to ask how this will be done.

What Does Penguin Look At?

Links make up approximately 30-40% of SEO which is why Penguin was dedicated mostly to that aspect. If you have backlinks pointing towards your site that are emanating from low quality, content farming and/or link farming, then you are a casualty of the update.  There are a number of symptoms that can point you in the right direction and these include:

  • A sudden plummet in your search rankings and/ or the organic traffic of your site
  • Absence of your website on the search results despite having entered the full domain

There are a few specialized companies that are offering Google penalty recovery packages that rest on a deeper understanding of the remedial processes and the workings of the search engines.


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