What is Website Cloning? An Introduction

Start-ups these days find it extremely difficult to launch a successful online persona which can carve a niche for itself in the horde of competition from big and established players as well as other newbies. They have to rely on optimum use of the limited sources available during the initiation process of a company in order to stay viable.  In such a situation, practices such as website cloning provide the start-ups with an extremely attractive opportunity to enjoy the attention of large amount of online consumers without having to spend a fortune building an optimized website.

Website Cloning

What is Website Cloning?

It refers to the copying and/or modification/alteration of a website design or script which exists and is still in use to create a new website. It allows some flexibility and a window to designers so that they do not have to put in tons of efforts and to write HTML scripts to create a Website from the scratch.

Script Cloning

By providing for an elaborate method to copy the script of an existing website, a developer can provide a framework of functionalities on a new website. The script is an important function as it determines the overall usability of the website and the purpose served by the site. Website navigation, product order and checkout functionality are some of the functions controlled by the script.

Website Cloning

Design Cloning

Modifications of layout, site map, background color, theme etc. are the important stuff carried out by design developers. They ensure that the design and layout are almost the same as that of the popular websites, with subtle variations.

These are some of the basic of website cloning. Cloning service providers have experts who can easily provide a head-start to your online venture by making your website represent a fellow competitor’s website which has received considerable success, so that your business can also bask the share of spotlight.


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