The Benefits of Real Time Call Tracking

Call Tracking and AnalyticsCustomers are increasingly moving towards a self-service type of experience in which it becomes easy for you as a businessperson to take some things for granted and shift your eyes from the ball. This is more common in the online business field where e-commerce establishments are always battling to establish an ideal line of communication for their clients. Over 70% of online shoppers feel more comfortable if they can talk to a live person before proceeding with a purchase. Shopping cart abandonment and the need to prove marketing ROI are among some of the issues that every business needs to pay attention to. One of the ways that you can improve your marketing and create greater customer satisfaction is through real time call racking.

IVR systems are the tool of choice when it comes to handling calls in a business environment. Standard processes and common questions can be efficiently handled by a robust IVR solution which can be standardized for basic requirements or customized to suit your business needs. Callers are guided according to predetermined call tones and options. Any IVR solution that you adopt must be able to satisfy your customer service goals.

Apart from giving your customers excellent communications lines to your business and making your work much easier, an IVR solution can also be used for call tracking and analytics. You can turn multiple campaigns for different markets and still be able to track the results for each campaign. You can access real time reports from the web and this information is vital in driving your decision making process.

Call Tracking and Analytics

What Are The Benefits Of Call Tracking?

Call tracking has a lot of benefits which include:

Being More Market Aware

Call tracking quantifies marketing efforts in real time which enables you to make shrewd decisions in your product range, marketing and customer care.

Increase Sales

You must have in focus all the prospective customers who respond to your marketing by making calls. This helps you improve your conversion rate by mending all in leakages in your sales funnel. Leads are also increased through the decisions that result from analytics.


Data provided by way of analytics enables you to focus your marketing campaigns and identify non-performers. This makes it easy to use the marketing budget efficiently so as to accrue some savings as well as better your ROI along the way.


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