Top 5 Web Hosting Providers for a Creating an Awesome Website in Joomla

Building a decent website is hard enough while locating a suitable host for your website is not any easier. This does not mean that web hosts are limited in the market; in fact, the number has gradually increased over time and web hosts now flood the market. Selecting a suitable hosting provider is specifically dependent on the kind of Joomla site you hope to achieve. You may want to create a hobby, e-commerce or blog site which will in the end determine web hosts who will help you create an incredible website in Joomla. Here are top 5 web hosting providers who can help you achieve the website of your dream.

  1. BigRock

BigRock is a leading web hosting provider serving the Indian subcontinent. Featuring unlimited domains, email accounts and disk space as standard in their plan, they offer an extremely reliable and fast service for companies operating and targeting the Indian consumer market. With an uptime guarantee of 99.99% and a dedicated customer service support staff available round the clock, it provides affordable hosting plans to its customers. There are also offers and discount coupons available from time to time that you can avail of and use on their website. The best part is the simplicity of use and 1- click installation panel to support Joomla hosting. BigRock is one stop shop for all you require to make an impressive presence online: starting from registering a domain to creating a website and finally hosting it. It is the best choice for either a startup or an established business venturing into the Indian market.

  1. Xtreemhost

This is a web hosting service providing free, as well as cheap unlimited hosting, and this includes PHP, domain name support and MySQL among many others without any ads. Its features are impressive characterized by 10 add-on domains, parked domain, 10 MySQL databases, enough disk space, as well as monthly bandwidth; 2500 MB and 100GB respectively.  What is more, this service utilizes Vista Panel on their control panel which is considered extremely easy to use. Users have simply been amazed by the high-speed of uploading files. You can easily upload your Joomla site to this web host via FTP to take advantage of the speed and stability of the services offered.

  1. Frihost

This is a commonly known online community which currently carries close to 100,000 members. Like Xtreemhost, it is also one of the best free hosting services you may want to consider using.  It avails the DirectAdmin control panel to enable you manage your Joomla site. Speed is also incredible, and support will exceed your expectations. Nevertheless, you must be willing to register and at least post 5 posts on its forum and 10 points as well for them to offer you a free hosting account.

  1. Byet

It offers an ad-free web hosting service, and this includes FTP, MySQL, Vista panel and PHP among many others. It also offers its clients a wide range of choices of free sub domains. The best part is you can add your own domain that is already with another domain registrar which will be hosted for free, as well. This is definitely among the best Joomla hosting providers with limited restrictions.

  1. Podserver

It offers free web hosting services and avails 6 add-on domains, 6 sub-domains as well as 6 parked domains. What is more, you will have complete access to PHP, FTP, Vista Panel control panel and Apache. No one loves pop-ups or even banners of flashy images, and this are wholly absent at Podserver. However, there will be non-intrusive sites placed on your Joomla website.


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