Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Linux Hosting for your Blog


imagesBesides the numerous categories of web hosting solutions, one may choose between windows hosting and Linux hosting as far as the operating system needs are concerned. Each of these platforms carries own advantages and disadvantages. Comparisons between the two will not, however, feature here. The aim of this information is to offer webmasters with top ten reasons why Linux hosting is a better alternative for hosting their blogs.


1. It is an open source platform: By open source, it means that web programmers are given the authority to modify, improve it and even distribute it to the public throughout the various stages of development. What is more, there are many people across the globe who are constantly working on it to increase its functionality as well as fix bugs.

 2. Linux hosting allows greater flexibility: Another important benefit of Linux hosting is its unbeatable flexibility given to the company. This does mean that your web hosting provider will allow you adequate flexibility to modify and even update features on your website.

 3. Pricing: It would be impossible to talk about the benefits of Linux hosting without mentioning the price. When it now comes to the costs, Linux has an edge over windows hosting. The former comes with low cost hosting since there is no licensing fee as is the case with windows hosting. It provides essentially everyone with an opportunity to begin an online business because of the inexpensive charges.

 4. Security: Cyber crime has been on the rise since internet invention and consequently a common threat for anyone with an online business. Major brands have suffered in the hands of hackers in recent years and thus making security an issue of concern. Discussions regarding security of Windows hosting and Linux hosting have been ongoing for the longest time now. Obviously, followers of Linux believe that it is the most secure. Even though many claim that windows and Linux score the same in security, Linux remains relatively more secure than windows.

 5. Reliability: Linux has been in the market for longer compared to windows. As a result, it has more experience in hosting websites since the invention of the internet. With so many years of experience of hosting websites on the Internet, it must offer the most reliability.

 6. Simplicity: Linux is generally easier to use compared to windows. This is because it comes with pre-installed software ready for extension and modification. It was initially designed to support basic website hosting. This means that you can install MySQL, Php as well as Perl Script if you wish to optimize productivity and performance of your website.

 7. Speed: Linux is known for offering better performance compared to windows. What is more, it can handle many processes at any one time.

8. Scalability: If your business ever grows, you will want more space or bandwidth to accommodate more features on your website. Linux hosting allows you this flexibility to make changes whenever you wish to do so.

 9. User Interface: Linux is not a command line interface even though in many instances console usually remains the primary tool. However, if you do not like it and perhaps prefer GUI, then you can ahead and obtain cPanel or even webmin and then start administering the server right from your browser window.

10. You have control: Unlike windows hosting, you will be the one that makes decisions on what should run on your server. Additionally, you can modify whichever element of the system you want in accordance to your needs and preferences.



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