Digital Products Used For Security Purposes

There are many companies that are offering the best in cutting edge technology in the field of wireless video link solutions. Technology moves rapidly and new robust and cost effective solutions are always in demand by individuals and corporations. There are number of digital products used for security purposes that are ruling the roost at the moment and it is advantageous to know about them so that you don’t fall victim to obsolete equipment.


Some of the equipment on the market at the moment includes:

  • COFDM DIGITAL VIDEO Transmitters, Receivers and Monitors.
  • High Definition COFDM
  • Digital Data Links
  • FM Transmitters
  • Diversity Receivers/Ground Stations
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Long Range Wireless
  • Short Range Wireless
  • Power Amplifiers

COFDM Digital Video
Commander COFDM Portable MonitorCoded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing commonly referred to as COFDM is a technology that is designed to gift the most demanding multi-path and no-line-of-sight situations with the most robust video and data transmission. One major improvement that is represented by this technology is the reduction in terms of power consumption. The monitor is digital with unique features such as remote viewing and confidence monitoring. the transmitter, a covet video link, is available in the Standard and Anton Bauer styles and is ideal for video assist, news gathering, ENG and a host of other roles. The receiver, on the other hand is ideal for demanding long range and high mobility scenarios.

FM Transmitters
These transmitters ranging from 1mW to 700mW are quite a versatile lot. They excel in situations where the line of sight is obstructed. You can also find L-Band transmitters which are meant for licensed or military use.

Diversity Receivers/Ground Stations
Diversity receivers have unmatched reception and video diversity while offering antenna switching. They can drive Low Noise Amplifiers to reach a range of up to 30GHz.

Ground Stations
The Ground Stations of the GS series integrate command & control and video of unmanned vehicles. There are two bands in which they are available namely L & S. these have found widespread usage in the military and other companies that are at the forefront in the development of unmanned vehicle technology.


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