Easy To Remember Phone Number for Business

Remember Phone NumberEvery business is aware of the importance that is attached to the ability of customers to get in touch with you whenever they have a requirement that falls within your business domain. This need requires customers to be able to commit your brand and contact details to memory without really making an effort about it. This feat is being made possible through the harnessing of special phone numbers that are provided by telephone companies.

What are the options?
There are a number of products that are provided by telephone companies to cater for the various needs of business. Some of them are:

  • Repeaters
  • Vanity numbers
  • Million numbers
  • Double repeaters etc.

There are a lot of number options that are both unique and easy to commit to memory. Vanity numbers, for example, have numbers whose corresponding keypads spell something that has meaning and is related to your brand or service.

If, for example you are a florist in Washington DC, you could select a number such as 425- 201- FLOR. A gift shop could opt for something such as 425- 201- GIFT with the first set of digits being the area code.

Repeaters on the other hand derive their relevance from consisting of repeated numbers that makes them easy to recall. Take for example a number such as 425- 555-5555. Such types of numbers make it easy for customers to make you their first option due to the simplicity with which they can recall your contacts.

The fact is the same for other products such as million numbers and others which are true to their names. Million numbers make use of a series of zero’s to achieve simplicity and uniqueness. An example of a million telephone number would be 214- 800-0000.

What are the benefits of using such numbers?

  • Easy To Remember Phone NumberThe first, obvious and perhaps greatest benefit is the simplicity they make communication between you and your clients.
  • They also work to bolster marketing efforts of the business and they can be a great tool in analyzing the market trends such as concentration.
  • Since you can determine the advertisement that is responsible for the call, it then becomes easy to establish the strengths of your various marketing campaigns.
  • They are affordable and you have the added advantage of being able to keep your numbers regardless of how much you move geographically.
  • You can also effectively brand a service and make it be associated with you.

There are numerous other advantages that accrue from use of an easy to remember phone number for business which can easily be sourced from the internet on telephone company websites.


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