Factors to Consider When Opening a Rock Climbing Gym

Different wall climbing products vary significantly from one another. For example, if you are looking for a high-performance climbing wall, sculpted fiber glass is a good choice. However, these walls never look as realistic as a climbing wall constructed with concrete castings from real rock. So, if you want to open a rock climbing gym, bear in mind all the important factors for making the right decisions.

Important factors

  • There will be clash between aesthetics and functionality when deciding about the climbing wall’s design.
  • Your wall should not be built higher than 30-40 feet. There are several limitations of this such as exhausting climber capacity and exceeding installation limit.
  • Allow for the three dimensional structure of the climbing wall when allocating space.
  • Ensure that handhold fastener density is high enough to maintain climber enthusiasm.
  • Prepare for adequate training of your customers to stall accidents.
  • Air handling and lighting are two important factors that can be easily overlooked by climbing wall manufacturers.

Rock Climbing Gym

Starting a rock climbing gym would be much easier if you factor in all the details mentioned above. These are important factors for ensuring that participant turnover is high, and their enthusiasm is maintained throughout their training.


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