Construction Project Quality Plan Ensures Long Lasting Structures

Construction project quality plan ensures the highest standard of work and the one that will last for a long time, whether your project entails simple remodeling or construction of high rise buildings. Commonly the quality relevant issues are decided during the designing and the planning stage of the project. The key reason for assessing the quality of construction projects is to ensure that is conforms to the design decided for it. It also ensures that the project is completed in adherence to the specifications as well as plans. The team that is involved in the project develop a quality plan together, along with various procedures to ensure quality assurance all through the project.

The need for quality control system

With quality control system in place during constructions, the project also meets the minimum standards in workmanship and materials. This will ensure that the construction project is obeying the design standards too. This is done by taking samples and evaluated with statistical methods and rejected or accepted accordingly. Assessments and tests take place at various phases of construction and before payouts. The quality assurance plans are employed in four particular ways, Planning, Action, Verification and Execution.

Responsibilities during quality control procedures

The project managers of construction companies are in sole charge of personnel, time management, quality control and cost control. Most company owners, engineering firms, architects and contractors use their particular process, inspectors and personnel for quality control. They are very proficient in quality standards and procedures. Other expertise found in them includes knowledge of material code, interpreting drawings and having good verbal and writing as communication skills.

Quality control process -material sampling

Any construction project quality plan has to also include material sampling as a part of this procedure. This is to make sure that it adheres to the quality standard as well as specifications of designs. There are few approaches taken to ensure the quality of materials. One of them is taking sample randomly, which represented by lots, time phase or batch. The quality control system for materials may involve testing the concrete mixture of each truck, examining most pieces of marble or conducting an inspection after every couple of hours. The quality control process uses statistics to deduce the results of the samples. By sampling the materials, the company can reject or accept the materials accordingly. By conforming to quality assurance plans during construction, you can be certain of client satisfaction with your service and products from the project undertaken by your company.


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